JACOB CATS (1577-1660)

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Location: (this copy in bronze) Market Square, Brouwershaven, The Netherlands.
Maker: Philippe Parmentier (1787-1851) is the maker of the original statue in stone, established in 1829, (to be found in St.-Nicholas Church in Brouwershaven).
Photos: © Iman Padmos. 20 September 2011. Iman_Padmos@hotmail.com

Location of the birth place of the poet: Brouwershaven, The Netherlands.
Photos: © Iman Padmos. 20 September 2011.

Location: Lange Noordstraat 31, Middelburg, The Netherlands.
This is the address where Jacob Cats lived in the period 1603-1623 and where he started his literary career.
Photos: © Albert Hagenaars. 26 November 2011.



Like the blossoms of the apple trees flutter in April
My poor effusions have snowed in the winds of life
I hear a knock on the door

Translation: Albert Hagenaars

Location: Jardin des Poètes, Paris.
Photo: © Albert Hagenaars. 5 June 2011.



Location: Noordstraat 11, Veurne, Flanders.
Maker: Unknown.
Photo: @ Albert Hagenaars, 7 April 2007.

Location: Connewitzer Buchhandlung, Specks Hof, Leipzig, Germany.
Photo: © Albert Hagenaars, 16 July 2011.


HENDRIK VAN VELDEKE (ca 1150 - after 1184)

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Location: Dorpsstraat/Thonissenlaan, Hasselt, Flanders.
Maker: Halemans (designer) and E. Helde (constructor). 30 September 1928.
Photos: © Vera Seppion, August 2011.

In translated form the text reads:
To Hendrik van Veldeke, father of all Dutch poets.

Location: Henric van Veldekeplein, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
In the foreground British translator/poet John Irons.
Maker: Charles Vos.
Photo: @ Albert Hagenaars, 2007.

JOÃO LÚCIO (1880 - 1918)

4 pictures Location: Rua João Lúcio/Praça dos Poetas (Galeria comercial), Faro, Portugal Photos: © Albert Hagenaar...