MARCEL PROUST (1871 - 1922)

2 pictures

Location: Illiers-Combray, France.
Maker: ?
Photo: © Marianne Schaaf, Leiden (NL), July 2016.


Also see: www.schrijversbeelden.nl


ERICH KÄSTNER (1899 - 1974)

3 pictures

Location: Romano-Guardini-Platz, Mainz, Germany.
Photos: © Albert Hagenaars, 7 February 2016.
Established by: Deutsches Kabarettarchiv, Forum Theater, The town of Mainz, 2004.

In the German town of Mainz, the project 'Stars of Satire' intends to honour the "Besonderen unter den Ausgezeichneten" in the field of cabaret. It consists of bronze tiles with names of the artists on Romano-Guardini-Platz. This square, called after priest and theologian Romano Guardini, is located between the German Cabaret Archives and the Forum Theatre. The signatures of eighty nominees have been engraved in stainless steel.
With this project the initiators want to remember the personalities who, as writers or performers in international cabaret, have animated the artistic process of their genre or participated otherwise in its history, from the foundation of the first cabaret, Le Chat Noir in Paris, on. Supported by founders and sponsors they pay respect to satirists and artists, some of them still alive, whose achievements have proven to be probing enough to keep influencing people all over the world.


Also see: www.schrijversbeelden.nl

JOÃO LÚCIO (1880 - 1918)

4 pictures Location: Rua João Lúcio/Praça dos Poetas (Galeria comercial), Faro, Portugal Photos: © Albert Hagenaar...