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Location: Naschmarkt, Leipzig, Germany.
Maker: Carl Seffner, 1903.
Photos: © Albert Hagenaars. 16 July 2011.

Location: Opernring-Goethegasse, Vienna, Austria.
Maker: Eduard Hellmer, 1895. Established by the Wiener Goethe Verein in 1900.
Photo: © Hans Mellendijk. August 2010.

Location: Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy.
Maker: Valentino Cagali. 1904.
Photo: © Albert Baggermans, 2000.
On the picture also Dutch poet Catharina Boer.

Everything flourishes here in vigour and health, the sun is bright and hot, and one can believe again in a God. ... when, immediately after sunset, the loud shrill of crickets is heard, I feel at home in the world, neither a stranger nor an exile. I enjoy everything as if I had been born and bred here and had just returned from a whaling expedition to Greenland.
‘Italian Journey’, 11 September 1786.

Location: Theaterplatz, Weimar, Germany.
Goethe left, Schiller right.
Maker: Ernst Rietschel. 1857.
Photo: © Albert Hagenaars, 2009.

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